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Learning job skills is important for young adults to achieve success in the professional world. As a parent, you can encourage your young adult to pursue opportunities to increase their job skills and abilities. Often times, pursuing a job can be scary especially when one does not know what the employer is looking for. It is important to become well-versed in many areas to show employers you are capable of learning new skills and adapting to different tasks. So you may be wondering what specific skills are needed to be successful in the job field. The skills can be broken down into many different categories.

Basic Skills:

  • Communication skills: this can include reading for understanding, conveying ideas in writing, speaking so that others can understand, listening actively, and observe critically
  • Interpersonal skills:  guide others, resolve conflicts, negotiate, advocate and influence and cooperate with others
  • Decision-making skills: Solving problems, choosing what outcome is best in certain situations, being able to weigh options appropriately
  • Lifelong Learning skills: Taking responsibility to learn new things, reflect, evaluate, learn through research, and use information and apply it

These types of skills can be broken down into two categories: work skills and soft skills. Below are how they are separated:

Work Skills:

  • Observe Critically
  • Convey Ideas in Writing
  • Read with Understanding
  • Use Math to Solve Problems and Communicate
  • Solve Problems and Make Decisions
  • Plan
  • Advocate and Influence
  • Guide Others
  • Use Information and Communications Technology
  • Learn Through Research

Soft Skills:

  • Listen Actively
  • Speak So Others Can Understand
  • Cooperate with Others
  • Resolve Conflict and Negotiate
  • Take Responsibility for Learning
  • Reflect and Evaluate

3 Quick Tips for How to Help

There are ways in which you can help your young adult build their job skills to prepare them for the future. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  1. Help your young adult identify their learning style.
  2. Use everything as a “learning experience”—reflect and talk about how decisions were made and skills were applied to certain events at school or home
  3. Talk to your young adult about areas in which they feel they need to improve and come up with a plan to address these areas

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