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You’ve graduated from high school! Congratulations! This is an exciting time as you complete the goal you’ve been working toward for the past four years. But for some young adults, there’s a new question they’re facing: “Now what”. After graduation there are many options like higher education, joining the workforce, or attending trade school. But […]

Many young adults choose to take a gap year from college due to anxiety around assignments and socializing in a college environment. The idea behind taking a gap year is to give them time and space to develop tools to help them be more successful when they re-enter an academic setting, but many parents express […]

While young adulthood is considered a period of identity exploration and relationship building, many young adults feel rushed to make big life decisions and commit to a career path right out of high school. Even if they haven’t taken time to figure out what their personal goals are and what makes them feel confident, they […]