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At Foundations, we serve young adults between the ages of 18-24. Our goal is to support them launching successfully into their adult life.

Many of the students who come to Foundations are struggling with anxiety, depression, executive functioning, and experiencing challenging family dynamics.

We support our students by helping them work toward success in college, success in the workforce, success in relationships, and authentic social engagement. We also help them to manage finances responsibly, learn functional living skills, and grow into independent young adults.

Supported Structure For Growth

The structure of the Foundations Asheville’s programming and the breadth of the program’s experiential and educational tracks are grounding.

Foundations empowers its clients to explore life and engage in new experiences designed to provide meaning and perspective. During their tenure at Foundations, it is not uncommon that clients become passionate about a new hobby or develop a long-term goal.

With therapeutic and academic supports in place, some students find renewed interest in traditional education, and all students find goals they are excited to work toward as they become self-reliant.


Whether someone is looking to get their high school diploma, further their education at AB Tech, learn a trade, or find an internship at a local Asheville business to help them gain career experience, we can help our students select the right path that will fit their needs.


We are here to help our students grow in a supportive environment. Our dedicated staff and mentors create a positive environment for growth where we can help build upon a student’s current strengths and develop any areas of their life where they may need help.

Finding the Right Fit

At Foundations Asheville, we strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for our current and future students. To ensure this, Foundations does not serve students with ongoing and active addiction issues, severe and persistent mental illness, or significant pervasive developmental disorders.

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