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Many times, young adults come to us with a belief system rooted in self-doubt. They don’t believe that they can be successful or they don’t believe they have what it takes to step up. At Foundations, we help to create successful moments for these young adults in incremental ways to show them they are capable. We allow them to take small steps so that they can bite off what they can chew and build upon these steps in a supportive environment.


We try to focus on 6 focus area for our students at Foundations. These 6 areas include financial management, academic & career growth, social integration, personal health, functional living skills, and hobbies & interests. You can see focus areas below and what they are centered around.


Academic & Vocational Success

Social Integration

Functional Living Skills

Financial Management

Personal Health

Hobbies & Interests

A Few Words About…


We provide opportunities for our students to grown in a therapeutic setting whether it’s individually or in group. We have three sessions per week as seen below.

– Once per week with a therapist for 60-90 minutes for individual therapy.

– Once per week for group therapy where they focus on progress, self reflection, and work with others in the program.

– Once per week community forum to talk about personal choices, life viewpoints, current events, their future, or topic of the group’s choosing.

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