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At Foundations, we challenge students to accomplish academic and career oriented goals so that they can have opportunities to be successful, independent individuals.

We provide educational and vocational opportunities through local colleges and businesses in the community to help our students gain the tools and skills they need to succeed.

Academic support for Great Success

Students at Foundations have several options for continuing their education. Many chose to enroll in college courses at AB Tech, which has been ranked the  best Community College in state of North Carolina.

Along with traditional college courses, AB Tech offers courses in culinary arts, paramedic training, firefighting, engine repair, and woodworking among others.

For those who are still looking to obtain their high school diploma, we offer opportunities to obtain their diploma as well.

Pairing our students with local business

The traditional college or university path isn’t made for everyone. We understand that. This is why we help our students find what interests them in a career path and pair them with resources in Asheville that give valuable job experience, internships, or volunteer opportunities.

We may have a student who takes courses at AB Tech, with interest in woodworking, or other trade skills. We will use resources in town to pair those students with internships such as Habitat for Humanity where they can use the skills they are learning to help build homes for those in need. We allow the students to focus on their strengths to find a path for success.

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