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Upon arrival an array of assessment tools will be employed which will help each student design their own individual action plan. This action plan will be comprised of short and long term goals, strategies and activities which will help make each and every day at Foundations both challenging and rewarding.

Academic & Vocational Success

Whether it’s getting a high school diploma, pursuing higher education, or finding the right trade or internship we help equip students with the tools needed to be successful.

Financial Management

Being employed comes with many benefits, especially paychecks. We want to help students find work that is meaningful and enjoyable and then help plan a budget to successfully manage earnings.

Social Integration

Whether with family, friends, co-workers, or classmates it’s important to be able to interact and socialize in healthy and appropriate ways. At Foundations, we help students find the balance in social situations.

Personal Health

Nutrition, diet, exercise, and mental well being are all critical to well being. One of our goals is to help students understand how to treat the body physically which can have a positive mental impact as well.

Functional Living Skills

Cooking, cleaning, time management and problem solving can be pretty complex. We will work with students on these skills so they can master them in order to live happy, functional, independent lives.

Hobbies & Interests

Healthy hobbies and interests are great ways to keep engaged and happy with life. We work with students in the Asheville “playground” to help students find new areas of interest or how to deepen and develop current interests.

How we can help you


Foundations Asheville functions as a supportive community of students, Therapists, Educators, Community Liaisons, and Mentors who collaborate to establish achievable goals for each young man or young woman in the program, all the while working side-by-side toward realizing those goals.

As a result, the young adults enrolled at Foundations learn to develop their strengths, address life’s challenges, and follow through with their interests and passions.

Foundations Asheville regards each student as a unique individual. As such, a treatment plan, education plan, and independence plan are designed in concert with the student to meet their personal goals. Highly experienced, licensed clinicians help each young adults identify life goals and support him in seeing them through to completion.


Whether students are looking to get their high school diploma, further their secondary education, learn a trade, or find an internship at a local Asheville business to help them gain career experience, we can help our students select the right path that will fit their needs.


We are here to help our students grow in a supportive environment. Our dedicated staff and mentors create a positive environment for growth where we can help build upon a student’s current strengths and develop any areas of their life where they may need help.

Ready to take the next step towards personal growth? Reach out to us through the contact form below to start your journey with Foundations Asheville!

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