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Finding our place in the world can be challenging. Some young adults feel overwhelmed by the endless opportunities out there. Choosing which avenue to take in life can be an exhausting decision that leaves some feeling clueless and stuck. Engagement with the outside community is extremely important for several reasons. By being involved in the […]

Productivity seems to outweigh connectivity. Young adults ages 18-22 have been determined as the “loneliest generation”. More isolated and disconnected than the elderly among us. Kind of impressive, but kind of sad. “Set the bar high,” they said, but perhaps that’s hindering us from meaningful interactions in our day-to-day lives. The root of the cause […]

The effects of depression intruding on your daily routine can become exhausting. Somedays you just want to throw in the towel and wallow in your negative thoughts. There are no quick tips for overcoming depression. Growth and improvement are all about baby steps. Making small changes in your everyday routine can contribute to a much […]

Recent research has taught us a great deal about the philanthropic happiness effect; a demonstrable link between the act of serving and volunteering and the overall contentment and life satisfaction of the volunteer. In fact, the likelihood of volunteers being very happy rose 7 percent among those who volunteered monthly and 12 percent of those […]

About 20 percent of adolescents suffer from depression in this country; with only 30 percent of these adolescents receiving treatment for this condition. If you are the parent of a depressed young adult, then you may find it difficult to motivate and inspire them. Here are just a few tips on how to get your […]

Studies have found a correlation between higher intelligence and anxiety. This comes at a time where the call for anxiety treatment for young adults is greater than ever. Researchers believe these two traits, intelligence and anxiety, could have evolved to be beneficial to each other–but for some, it goes wrong. How anxiety and intelligence could […]