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Finding our place in the world can be challenging. Some young adults feel overwhelmed by the endless opportunities out there. Choosing which avenue to take in life can be an exhausting decision that leaves some feeling clueless and stuck. Engagement with the outside community is extremely important for several reasons. By being involved in the community, young adults get to foster meaningful relationships, be involved in things they enjoy, and develop their skills. The value that comes from getting out and getting social is significant.

Like I mentioned earlier, this process is not easy for everyone. Sometimes young adults need an extra push. You can probably easily identify if your young adult is struggling with their transition to the real world. While you cannot force them to do anything, there are several ways you can help motivate them to get their foot out in the community and engage in the world around them. Parenting and offering guidance never ends regardless of how “grown” our children are. There are several ways in which your young adult can begin to explore opportunities in the community and create a regular social routine for themselves.

Cheers for volunteers

Everything about volunteering is great. First, you are doing something for the betterment of the community. You are also spending time and engaging with individuals who also have a passion for helping others. This provides a great opportunity to develop new friendships. Lastly, volunteering can be a great learning experience. You can learn more about the needs of the community and learn new ways to help. Your young adult is a young adult. By this point, it should be pretty clear what kind of things they like and don’t like. Finding the perfect volunteer spot can be the hardest part. Help your young adult conduct research and find their fit. Match organizations with the things they are passionate about and it’s sure to be a lifelong, enjoyable experience.

Move into the community

Literally. There are endless exercise opportunities in the community. Cycling, yoga, Pilates, karate, CrossFit, you name it, there’s a class for it. Whether your young adult has a passion for fitness or not, enrolling in an exercise program is a great idea. There is something out there for everyone. Motivate them to try something new. You may even have to offer to go with them to their first class. It always feels better to try something scary and new with a friend. Plus, exercise classes not only help build relationships with people who enjoy the same hobbies but is also super beneficial to one’s physical health. If exercise groups are a no-go for your young adult, consider groups that aren’t physical. There are book clubs, writing clubs, cooking classes, art class, and all kinds of activities made to fit every adult. In the end, it’s all about finding what works for them.

Foundations Asheville

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