What Can Make Transitioning into Adulthood So Difficult?

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Everyone reacts different to their transition to adulthood. Some individuals have a clear path filled with goals and ambitions. Other individuals may be unsure of what their purpose is and how to find it. Regardless, both types of individuals have value that should not be overlooked. Sometimes it may be difficult to understand why a loved one is struggling to cope with the transitional stage into adulthood. What makes transitioning to adulthood difficult at times? Well, the possibilities are endless. And the answer is probably different for everybody. But you may consider three big factors that make adulthood seem scary.

New Responsibilities

Adulthood means new responsibilities which may sound great in theory, but when you get down to it, there are a lot of downsides too. No more relying on parents for money. No more sleeping in. No more teachers telling you your daily assignments. It’s just one and their own will to be productive and successful. Learning how to juggle responsibilities that come from adulting including: paying bills on time, taking care of a home or apartment, preforming a job to the employers standard, etc., can be exhausting and intimidating. When one fails to meet a responsibility, this can be even more discouraging.

Fear of the Unknown

Up until adulthood, everything in one’s life is pretty much mapped out. School, play, home. It’s just how life works. One goes to school while they are supported and guided by a family. Not much heavy lifting or decision making involved. Adulthood opens up a new world of possibilities and if one is not certain of which direction they want to go—this can be terrifying. Sometimes young adults may not know exactly what career they want to pursue, where they want to live, or how they want to navigate their independence. The fear that comes with not knowing what is next can scare young people away from the transition into adulthood.

Emotional Adjustment

Emotions play a huge role in why transitioning to adulthood can be difficult at times. Dealing with new responsibilities, uncertainties, all while balancing a social life, can be exhausting and emotionally draining. With the media, one may look at other young adults their age and feel like they are not where they should be. This can make the transition even more bumpy. Everyone handles emotions differently. Whether one dwells on their emotions or ignores them, this can become problematic in the transition to adulthood.

Foundations Asheville can help

Foundations Asheville is a transitional living program for young people ages 18-24. This program offers support to young adults as they seek a successful launch to adulthood. Foundations Asheville helps young people develop and sharpen their functional living skills. Coping with challenges like low-mood, anxiety, and difficulty following-through are addressed within the program as well. Students leave feeling more confident, independent, and prepared to seek a successful and healthy life. We can help your family today!

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