Foundations Asheville + Nintendo Switch Parties = Success!

Nintendo Switch Parties At Foundations Asheville

Can Video Games Help With Tech Addiction? It may seem a little strange to have a technology party, specifically video games, at a program that aims to defeat tech addiction in young adults. Often, the addiction stems from a lack of dysregulation and using technology as an unhealthy coping mechanism in managing stress and anxiety.…

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Internet Addiction Affects Study Skills in Young Adults

internet addiction

One of the biggest consequences of internet addiction can be the toll it takes on academic performance. Especially as technology is becoming integrated into classrooms, it can be hard to separate time spent online studying and time spent scrolling. While staying up late to play video games or snapchatting friends during class may have been…

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Are Video Games a Coping Mechanism or Problem Behavior?

video game and coping

Young adults play video games for different reasons. Some play for entertainment or competition, while others turn to video games as a way to cope with stress or anxiety. Understanding your young adult’s motivation to play may be key to identifying some of the causes of gaming disorder. The reason young adults turn to video…

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