Foundations Asheville + Nintendo Switch Parties = Success!

Nintendo Switch Parties At Foundations Asheville

Can Video Games Help With Tech Addiction? It may seem a little strange to have a technology party, specifically video games, at a program that aims to defeat tech addiction in young adults. Often, the addiction stems from a lack of dysregulation and using technology as an unhealthy coping mechanism in managing stress and anxiety.…

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How to Avoid Burnout as a Young Adult

Burnout describes a severe stress condition that leads to severe physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Much worse than ordinary fatigue, burnout makes it challenging for people to cope with stress and handle day-to-day responsibilities. People experiencing burnout often feel like they have nothing left to give and may dread getting out of bed each morning.…

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Setting Goals for Mental Health as a Family

family mental health

Family relationships can greatly affect mental health, behavior, and even physical health. When family relationships are stable and supportive, people struggling with mental health issues may be more open to seeking out treatment. While some people with mental health issues may require a large amount of support from their family, others may simply need a…

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Internal vs. External Validation for Self Esteem Growth

internal vs external validity

Validation is the confirmation or affirmation that one’s feelings are valid or worthwhile. There are two types of validation: international and external. External validation can come in many forms, such as social media interactions and compliments, and comes from others validating your feelings. And while these validations can feel good at the moment, the problem…

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Putting Yourself First: Building a Healthy Mind and Body

improving physical and mental health

Self-care has become a buzz phrase with many influencers in the media touting the benefits. When we talk about self-care, many people immediately think of spa days and bubble baths, but the reality is that self-care can actually be much simpler and much more accessible. Taking care of your mental and physical health is an…

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Self-Esteem Linked with Quality of Relationships

self-esteem and relationships

It’s the age-old question of what comes first: the chicken or the egg? Are people with higher self-esteem more likely to develop meaningful relationships or do people with more social support experience a boost to their self-esteem? According to a recent study, the answer is both! Self-esteem has a bidirectional relationship with the quality of…

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Mental Health Issues on College Campuses

mental health issues in college

For many college students, going to college is the first time they’ve been away from their built-in support system at home. Stepping onto campus for the first time feels lonely and overwhelming as they learn to take care of themselves independently. Combined with course workload and partying, the pressure of a college lifestyle isn’t sustainable…

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