Setting Goals for Mental Health as a Family

Family relationships can greatly affect mental health, behavior, and even physical health. When family relationships are stable and supportive, people struggling with mental health issues may be more open to seeking out treatment. While some people with mental health issues may require a large amount of support from their family, others may simply need a ride to therapy or just the act of having family around them to help them feel more connected and grounded. 

Family and Mental Health

If you have a family member who is struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, there are ways that you can support them and help them create goals towards positive mental health.

The first goal for your family is to help your loved ones feel comfortable opening up and talking about what is going on with them internally. Some people may feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about their problems, but if you have already established a safe space for open dialogue in your family, they will feel more comfortable coming forward. Giving your loved one the emotional intelligence and vocabulary to express how they are feeling can make them more confident in communicating their concerns. 

The second goal for your family would be to learn what has a negative effect on your loved one’s mental health. Have your loved one identify what situations may cause them to struggle. Once they have given you an idea of what to look for, you are better equipped to help them during the times they may be struggling but unable to verbalize why. Perhaps you notice they are sleeping more or have become more irritable. If those signs are usually the predecessor for emotional overload, you can address the problem early on. By reaching out to them in the beginning stages you can possibly avoid things getting worse. 

There may be a time when your loved one needs to seek out treatment for their mental health. Another goal may be to incorporate family therapy sessions in their treatment plan. This will provide an opportunity for your loved one to express their concerns in the presence of a mental health professional who can help everyone process what is happening. When a loved one is struggling with their mental health it can create stress for the entire family. The family unit as a whole needs to seek out professional support to create a treatment plan and build the skills needed to provide a safe and stable environment for everyone. 

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