Setting Goals for Mental Health as a Family

family mental health

Family relationships can greatly affect mental health, behavior, and even physical health. When family relationships are stable and supportive, people struggling with mental health issues may be more open to seeking out treatment. While some people with mental health issues may require a large amount of support from their family, others may simply need a…

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The Power of Journaling For Young Adults

journal prompts for young adults

Journaling can be an effective tool for dealing with emotions while expressing yourself in a positive way. A recent article in Positive Psychology states: “It’s hypothesized that writing works to enhance our mental health through guiding us towards confronting previously inhibited emotions (reducing the stress from inhibition), helping us process difficult events and compose a…

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Internal vs. External Validation for Self Esteem Growth

internal vs external validity

Validation is the confirmation or affirmation that one’s feelings are valid or worthwhile. There are two types of validation: international and external. External validation can come in many forms, such as social media interactions and compliments, and comes from others validating your feelings. And while these validations can feel good at the moment, the problem…

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Putting Yourself First: Building a Healthy Mind and Body

improving physical and mental health

Self-care has become a buzz phrase with many influencers in the media touting the benefits. When we talk about self-care, many people immediately think of spa days and bubble baths, but the reality is that self-care can actually be much simpler and much more accessible. Taking care of your mental and physical health is an…

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What You Should Know as a Young Adult: Life Skills

life skills for young adults

Wouldn’t it be nice if when we turned 18 and crossed that threshold from childhood to adulthood, someone handed us a handbook that included everything we needed to know? Unfortunately, there is no handbook for adulthood, but there are some life skills that every young adult should know. Transitioning from Childhood to Adulthood Becoming an…

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Does Anxiety Increase During a Gap Year?

gap year and anxiety

Many young adults choose to take a gap year from college due to anxiety around assignments and socializing in a college environment. The idea behind taking a gap year is to give them time and space to develop tools to help them be more successful when they re-enter an academic setting, but many parents express…

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